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Stable Doors

stable doorDesigned for convenience, versatility and aesthetic appeal; stable doors are ideal for new build homes or replacement projects, adding extra character to all house types.
Stable doors are designed to match the aesthetic appeal of traditional stable doors, with the benefits and modern PVCu materials.

Stable doors feature multi-opening facilities: with a glazed top opening and a solid panel bottom opening. These sections can be opened as separate facilities and independent of one another, or alternatively, the door can be opened as a complete unit.
Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that all our frames are mechanically strong, tough and durable, backed by a 15 year product performance guarantee.

Stable doors are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms, ensuring that both the top and bottom sections can operate independently and remain securely sealed when in the lock position.
Multi-chambers within the frame, combined with high-performance door panels and double glazed units, ensures that stable doors provide excellent levels of thermal efficiency.

For maximum energy performance, select a 40mm panel and triple glazed glazing unit, specifically designed and engineered to offer superior energy and thermal performance.
Stable doors feature a glazing unit in the top half of the door and a PVCu door panel in the bottom half of the door. The addition of a floating mullion (bar fixed to the top unit) further enhances the aesthetic performance of the door.

Alternatively, the top unit of the door may be fitted with an Inliten Tilt & Turn Window.

A range of panel designs and glazing options are available; for a traditional look and appearance select our 'tongue and groove' style Newry panel for the bottom unit, and a Georgian/Astrical Bar design for the top unit.

Designed to complement our Inliten window and door range, stable doors feature a fully sculptured frame finish and are available in a range of colour options