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Patio Doors

patio doorCombining convenience, security and aesthetic appeal, patio doors are ideal for conservatories, porches or rooms that require increased access to the outdoor space.
Featuring a sliding-side opening, patio doors are ideal for areas within the home with restricted space. The large glazing area ensures allows for maximum light exposure and offers extended views of the garden or surrounding area.
Multi-point locking systems are fitted to the master pane, ensuring only the highest levels of safety and security for your home. High-performance hardware further ensures the mechanical performance and longevity of the patio door.

Patio doors are fitted with anti-lift devices as standard, ensuring that the panes cannot be lifted off the track system. For enhanced safety and security, glazing units within the panes feature toughened safety glass.
Multi-chambers within the patio door profile, combined with high-performance glazing, provides high levels of thermal efficiency for your home.

For enhanced energy and weather performance, wool-pile strips are fitted to the sliding panes to
Patio doors are manufactured to specific size requirements and are available with two, three or four pane opening configurations. Patio doors typically feature a side slide opening; for multi-pane doors, a centre slide opening may also be available.

To complement our Inliten window and door range, patio doors feature a sculptured finish and are available in a range of popular colour finishes.