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Windowxpert provides a comprehensive and competitive repair service.

Whether it's a new door lock, a broken down double glazed unit or faulty window hinges or handles, we will assess what is required and provide a reasonable quotation to repair or replace the affected product.



As your windows get older you may encounter problems such as

• Broken hinges or handles/replace the broken or damaged parts
• Locking mechanisms not working/replace and upgrade your locks to a more secure model
• Broken or damaged trickle vents / replace outside and inside covers
• Missing or damaged seals / replace



Below are just a few examples of common problems associated with ageing doors

• Broken hinges or handles /only remedy is to replace the failed part
• Door alignment issues/ door not closing properly
• Broken and draughty letterboxes
• Faulty locks and multipoint locking mechanisms
• Missing or damaged seals / replace